Category: Equipment

How to Calibrate Your Monitor

Monitor Calibration is the process of creating a new monitor “profile” for your laptop or desktop. A profile is, essentially, a set of instructions for […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Audio!

For those of you who are interested in videography, you will find that the hardest new skill to learn will probably be audio. Capturing clean […]

The Basics of Flash Photography

It seems many people (even well-trained photographers) have a fear of flash photography. With the proper training, flashes offer photographers the ability to control their […]

How to Clean Your Camera Sensor

We’ve all had sensor dust. It’s something that we must deal with on a yearly (weekly?) basis. Luckily, it’s very easy to clean our sensors […]

Basics of Astrophotography

Night photography is something that most photographers are somewhat interested in. I think it’s because there is something so amazing about photographing things that we […]

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