5 Good Reasons to Join the RMSP Community

RMSP has a new online community that encourages friendships, sharing and learning. It’s free and easy to join – and features lots of benefits for anyone who loves photography! Check it out, and if you like what you see, consider joining the community to see even more. (Some features are available only to members and alums.)

Connect and network.

If you’ve ever taken an RMSP class, then you know the bond that can form between you and your fellow students. If you miss that support, understanding and sharing, you can have it again! Let’s face it: Being an artist can be a solitary affair that sometimes feels pretty lonely. Through the RMSP Community, you can connect with fellow alums and other interested folks you’ve never even met. Share project ideas, help each other, and stay connected to the medium you love with your fellow enthusiasts and professionals. And, if you join, you’ll be able to connect with specific friends via private messages, too.

Get inspired.

Joining the RMSP Community can help you stay inspired and motivated. We all know this, but life has a way of getting us to put creativity on the back burner. Taking your camera out of the bag ends up last on your list of priorities. But it shouldn’t be that way. When you’re doing what you love, everything feels better! Let us spur you onward and keep you out there in the world – engaged, learning and growing creatively. Nothing like fellow photographers and gorgeous imagery to get you moving.

Ask questions and get answers.

As a member of our community, if you have a question about exposure, lighting, or anything else photography related, you can post it on our Q & A forum. Your question will be seen by a network of experts, including both instructors and alums, who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. And, if you see a question that you can answer, you can contribute to the discussion and help out a fellow photographer.

Buy and sell photo gear.

Have you ever taken a photography class with RMSP? If so, when you join the community you have access to our online marketplace. It’s a great resource to find gear you might be looking for – used and more affordable! – or perhaps to sell what you no longer need.

Learn about opportunities that can move your business forward.

If you are a graduate of RMSP’s Professional Intensive program or our former Career Training program, you will have access to a wealth of business-related topics, with forums like: Retail, Commercial, Business Services and Business Tips. In addition you can post images and get online critiques of your portfolio and website. And, you have access to the very cool networking channel called the Alumni Lounge!

The RMSP Community offers something for everyone. Check it out to see how it can benefit you! By joining our community you prioritize your own growth – and you have the opportunity to help your fellow photographers, too. See you there!


  • Jeanne Chaput de Saintonge

    Simply stated, Jeanne has been involved in anything and everything that has happened at RMSP since its inception. In a time before RMSP existed, Jeanne graduated from Florida State University where she majored in English. After marrying Neil, the two decided to pack it up and make the move to Montana. While she has held every position at RMSP at one time or another (she and Neil founded the school), she now works as the school's logistics, business and finance guru.