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Studio Photoshoot and Editing Tutorial

There are many reasons to love photographing in the studio. One of these reasons is having complete control of the lighting. Last week, RMSP instructors Sarah Chaput de Saintonge and Quinn Ryan demonstrated two different ways of utilizing studio lighting. In the first video below, you can watch both shoots! Sarah demonstrates a way to replicate natural light in a studio. Often, all of the studio lights and gear can be daunting to photographers. Sarah shows you that all of the fancy gear is not always necessary. Quinn then shows some of the lighting equipment we have here at our school, and explores the possibilites of professional lighting equipment with a black and white studio shot.

Here is a list of the gear used during this shoot:

In the second video below, you can follow up with Quinn and Sarah to watch how they edit the images they took during the live stream. Quinn edits her photo only in Adobe Lightroom, explaining black and white tones and fine adjustments in Lightroom. Sarah then edits her photo in Adobe Photoshop and does some slightly more advanced edits to her image.


  • Quinn Hegwood is one of RMSP's core instructors, specializing in printing and social media. She enjoys photographing people in their natural habitat, primarily mothers and children, and she is on a constant search for light. Quinn is passionate about helping students to discover the artist within themselves.

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