Using Color Range Masks in Adobe Lightroom

Many of us have been using Lightroom for years and have slowly seen Adobe take moreand more features from Photoshop and move them into Lightroom. With the latest LightroomClassic CC update, Adobe introduced two new ways to refine local selections: colorand luminance range masks.

These masking options allow photographers to further refineall three of Lightroom’s local adjustment tools, making them more precise and betterat selecting objects in cluttered environments.

In the video below we take a lookat color range masks and how they can help you make much more accurate selectionswhen selecting objects that vary in color from their surroundings. This can be especiallyuseful when trying to change the color of clothing or other objects in your photosbeyond the spectrum of what HSL can handle.


  • Forest Chaput de Saintonge

    Forest Chaput de Saintonge directs Rocky Mountain School of Photography with his wife, Sarah. He has been immersed in photography since he was born. He grew up in Missoula and began taking photos with an SLR when he was seven years old. He started working for Rocky Mountain School of Photography at age 13. During his free time, he likes to become a master at new things, build stuff, run, hike, bike, photograph, and be an amateur astronomer. Forest has a BA in Astrophysics, just because. He really enjoys teaching and loves to help students understand concepts thoroughly. Forest has vast experience working with and teaching Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, and has worked many hours in the black and white darkroom.