Documentary Photography: Nicaragua II
February 21, 2011  Author:   (2)

I was a newbie at documentary photography when I went to Nicaragua last December to shoot a project for coffee harvesters (please see last month’s blog article), so there was no way I could have anticipated what unfolded in front of my eyes the deeper we got into the project. What I didn’t know going […]

Documentary Photography: Nicaragua
January 24, 2011  Author:   (2)

I attended Billy Howard’s Documentary Photography workshop at RMSP in 2009 with the hope that one day I’d have the opportunity to put what I learned into practice. That day came this past December as I joined a team of researchers from the state of Washington and the University of Nicaragua (UNAN) to photograph and […]

Being Candid
December 22, 2010  Author:  

Being Candid I don’t do so well taking posed portraits whether it’s in a studio or not. Directing people, choosing backdrops, controlling lighting – not my strengths. But shooting candid shots, well, THAT gets my blood flowing. What could be better than capturing a spontaneous, unselfconscious look that tells a great story in and of […]

Little Miss Muffet…
October 11, 2010  Author:   (3)

Spiders. Few things are more unnerving. When I was six years old I freaked out and crashed my bike when one crawled onto my wrist. I’ve had a love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with them ever since. And, as accustomed to them as I’ve become since shooting them up-close (as in photography, not guns), I still […]

Lights! Camera! Action!- Using a Ring Flash
September 10, 2010  Author:   (5)

In my last blog I had just begun to shoot bees hand holding my camera in natural light. This month I’ve experimented with my ring flash, shooting bees and bugs during the harsher mid-day light, and intentionally finding the most colorful natural backdrops possible. The result is that I’ve experienced a much higher shot-failure rate, […]

Not For The Faint of Heart
July 12, 2010  Author:  

One of the consequences of “Going Back, Digging Deeper” (last month’s blog entry), was getting attached to the wildlife I was photographing; in this case, a family of Canada geese. I discovered my growing attachment to the geese when I began to feel protective of them when dogs or children approached early on in my […]

Wildlife Safari – Macro Style
May 17, 2010  Author:   (1)

My dream photo-adventure is an African wildlife safari complete with exotic animals and landscapes. Not gonna happen any time soon for me, but I’ve found something equally thrilling (okay, that’s a stretch), and it’s as close as your back yard or nearby park – insect photography or “bug art.” The subjects you’ll encounter are as […]