Livestream Photo Shoot? Oh yeah!

As a general statement, I think most people like to see a good behind-the-scenes photo, regardless of what the subject matter is. But when it comes to photographers getting a sneak peek into how other photographers create their images … well, let’s just say that we might possibly be a little obsessed. OK, maybe A LOT obsessed.

With that in mind, we are beyond happy to invite the entire internet (that’s you!) to check out our first-ever livestream event. On Thursday (December 15th) at 7:30 p.m. (MST) we will be streaming a live photo shoot in our studio. Portrait photographer and RMSP graduate Ashley Barrett of Ashley Caitlin Photography will be guiding viewers through her process of conducting a photo shoot and she’ll be answering your questions as she goes. This is a great opportunity to see her process from start to finish, and to witness all the little tweaks, hiccups and hangups that go into creating a professional quality photograph.

But wait!! There’s more!!  We will be live again on Saturday (December 17th) at 11:00 a.m. (MST) to show you a live edit of the image Ashley created during the shoot. RMSP School Director Sarah Chaput de Saintonge will be removing the blemishes, smoothing the skin, adding contrast, adjusting colors, and making other enhancements as she sees fit to make Ashley’s image pop even more!

To get in on the action, simply join us on our Facebook page on Thursday evening. We hope you can join us. This is gonna be awesome!