Summer Intensive 2016 – Week 8 Recap


Week 8 / 11. Summer Intensive 2016 is 72.7% complete.

We are speeding toward the end of Summer Intensive 2016, both on the calendar and in the classroom. There is no such thing as taking the foot off the gas in this course. Not with this much to learn!

This week our students dug into their flashes with instructor Doug Johnson. TTL, 1/4 power, bounce, remote triggering …  these were the words tossed around in Doug’s classes. In their Edit classes they learned additional Photoshop techniques that included working with layers, selections and masks as well as compositing landscape images. Such cool, and sometimes rather overwhelming, techniques to learn! Marcy James introduced students about unique and traditional presentation techniques while they also learned about what options exist for outsourcing their images to printing labs. Further focusing on printed images, Output instructor Sarah Chaput de Saintonge offered critiques to students on images they produced in labs. Neil Chaput de Saintonge taught the Sunny 16 and Moony 8 methods of exposure as well as info about the black and white method of zone system. He also offered a review of exposure techniques and a topic near and dear to him, stage photography. Many students this week are opting to work in the studio to hone their abilities with artificial lighting, while others have begun shooting for their final projects.

While there might just be three weeks left, there is still a ton of teaching and learning to be done, and a lot of creation to take place. It’s wild to think that the images that might be each students’ crowning achievement in their Summer Intensive experience haven’t been started, or even thought of, yet. That alone speaks to how much gets done in SI!!

See you next week.