Summer Intensive 2016 – Week 5 Recap

Week five? Already? No way. There is no way that Summer Intensive is almost halfway over. It just doesn’t seem possible.

Fresh off a long weekend for the Fourth of July, our students returned to the classroom ready to get back after it. Instructor Tony Rizzuto was on hand to provide an introduction to portraiture and a follow-up field help session to practice some of the skills they learned in the class. This led to downtown Missoula being overtaken by camera-toting, backpack wearing photographers. We love seeing our students out and about on the town!

During a lunchtime social mixer with each other on Thursday, students enjoyed a showing of their images from the weekend spent at the Augusta Rodeo. The images displayed were SO INCREDIBLY AWESOME!! Was definitely a fun way to spend a lunch break. When the fun was over, and they returned to their computers, Tim Cooper took them deep into the world of layers and simple image repair in Photoshop. They also learned about some of Photoshop’s more “techy” editing techniques, how to use their 0-255 numbers in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Away from the computer, instructor Jeff McLain taught some contemporary portraiture techniques, which allowed them time to explore different styles from what they are used to. Finally, on Saturday some students hung out with us for extra time in optional print labs, studio time, and field helps!

All in all, another great, education-filled week!