Summer Intensive 2016 – Week 4 Recap

You remember being in school, and how the week before a big break or holiday was filled with anticipation, and maybe a bit of “wandering mind syndrome?” Well, half of that is true the week before the Fourth of July break during Summer Intensive at RMSP. In case you’re wondering which half, it’s certainly the “filled with anticipation” half. With the amount of info being delivered to our students, and recognizing how completely into it they are, there isn’t time for their minds to wander!

Week four was a full one, and took students on a tour of many parts of photography. During studio lighting classes with Jeff McLain, students continued to explore the magic that can be created by artificial light. The quality, control and absolute impact created by adding lighting to a subject is no joke. It’s really fun to see our students embrace lighting. Doug Johnson introduced students to the Photographer’s Ephemeris software. This slick little tool allows photographers to plan their outdoor photo outings by letting them know where the sun and moon will be shining at certain times on certain dates. It’s basically a crystal ball into the future and is powered by magic, not science. Sally Stapleton, a visiting professor at the University of Montana’s School of Journalism visited our class to talk about the art of storytelling through images. Take a peek at her website to get an idea of how accomplished she is, and how stoked our students were to hear her perspective!

A new thing added to our curriculum this year was the Photo Editing Mixer that happened in week four. During this fun time, students were invited to edit each others’ images. A simple, yet totally eye-opening and fun exercise. In Output labs, Sarah Chaput de Saintonge had the students rolling up their sleeves, putting on their white gloves (not really) and crank out their first fine art prints. The end result? There is still no feeling like taking a bunch of pixels and making them tangible. It’s incredible! Later in the week Marcy James taught them more about the history of photography by introducing them to some of the greats that paved the way. Studying the style and techniques of others is a valuable way to learn, while also becoming a well-rounded photographer.

And once all of the above-mentioned information was crammed into their brains, our students got to run wild and free into a long weekend so they could celebrate the fourth of July holiday. We’re guessing the few days of decompressing was enjoyed by them all!