Summer Intensive 2016 – Week 3 Recap


Summer Intensive 2016 just keeps on keepin’ on! And as our students are continuing to learn every second, this experience gets better and better. We recently wrapped up week three of this 11-week photo extravaganza. After the first two weeks, which took everyone deep into the world of photo gear and the basic building blocks of photography, week three got them out in the field a bit more. From a laughter-filled trip to the Augusta Rodeo to a sunrise shoot with instructor Doug Johnson each student had the opportunity to stretch their legs, see a bit more of Montana and practice what they have learned thus far.

In week three they also got introduced to studio lighting with Jeff McLain. Playing with lights and modifiers and beginning to witness how light and shadow play together to shape objects was a light-bulb moment for many. In their Edit classes, instructor Forest Chaput de Saintonge taught local adjustments, and how to use the software to enhance their images without having to go into Photoshop to do so. Learning these techniques in Lightroom will forever become relied-upon actions as they progress as photographers. On Monday evening RMSP graduate and guest lecturer Pam Voth offered a large group lecture on travel photography. Her experience photographing other cultures and locations around the world is vast, and hit a nerve with our students. Being able to call yourself a “travel photographer” might be a dream to many, however for students who are enrolled in Summer Intensive it can definitely become a reality, especially once they have been exposed to resources like Pam Voth. In Visual Studies with Marcy James, the topics of the week were perspective, leading lines, point of view and how viewers interact and react with photos, and how each photographer is in control of these things. A seemingly obvious, yet important and impactful realization for photographers at all levels is that they can actually influence how their viewers feel about an image. In Output class, students made their first prints by using Lightroom’s print module and experimented with different papers and sizes. Just like back in the days of the darkroom, watching an image emerge, and become tangible, on a sheet of paper is a crazy cool experience.

Currently we are in the middle of week four. After this week ends, our students will have a long weekend so they can enjoy the Fourth of July holiday. And you know what that means … photos of fireworks!!!!!!!