Post 9/11 GI Bill Benefits for Photography School

Are you a veteran (or spouse or dependent of a veteran) who qualifies for the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill?
Are you interested in receiving professional training in photography?
Did you know that our Career Training program is approved for GI Bill benefits?
Curious? Read on!

Rocky Mountain School of Photography has been working with the Veterans Affairs (VA) office for the better part of two decades in helping veterans and their families further their education and pursue careers in the fields of photography and digital imaging. Every year in our Career Training program, a handful of students have made the experience a reality thanks largely to the financial assistance they receive from their VA benefits. Although these benefits vary from person to person, and depend on a variety of factors, it is possible for VA benefits to cover the entire cost of tuition for the complete Career Training program.

If you are a veteran and are interested in learning more about how your benefits could be used to enroll in Career Training, our Co-Deputy Director, Forest Chaput de Saintonge can help answer any questions that you have. You can send him an email at

Other key resources to help you begin the process of using your benefits with RMSP are the VA’s own eBenefits link, and this website that provides links to the Regional Offices of the VA.  The eBenefits link allows you to view lots of information including your eligibility date, end date, amount of entitlement used, history and lots more.

Here’s a comment from one of our 2015 graduates, a veteran of the USMC, Kevin Black:

“Having recently retired from the military, I decided to use my GI Bill benefits to follow my dream of getting formal photography training. After extensive research, I decided that RMSP offered exactly what I was looking for. And with the assistance of the RMSP staff, using my GI Bill benefits to pay for the program was seamless.”

If you’re curious how the process works: Read the 20 top FAQs about the new GI Bill.