10 Places to Photograph in Spokane, WA


RMSP will be in Spokane on April 2nd and 3rd as part of our 2016 Weekend Intensive program.

After a day or two spent learning how to improve your photography skills, there’s nothing more exciting than heading out to put those skills to the test. We thought it would be a fun idea to do a little e-scouting from Montana and give a few suggestions of places to photograph in the area.

To scout from Missoula, we used Google Maps and Panoramio to see what other people had photographed in the area. And don’t forget that you can make any location feel completely new by going at night!

  1. Manta Park: This park, often compared to Victoria’s Butchart Gardens, is made up an incredible collection of gardens including a Japanese garden, a Renaissance style garden, and a dahlia garden to name a few. The Olmstead brothers designed Manito and are best known for designing Central Park in New York City.
  2. Riverfront Park: In preparation for the Worlds Fair in ‘74, Spokane created the 100 acre park Riverfront Park. There are miles of walkways and places like the Expo Pavilion along the way.
  3. Loofa Carrousel: This carousel built in 1906 still has its original hand-carved wooden animals. The Looff Carrousel is in the Riverfront Park.
  4. Spokane Falls: Located in the heart of the city this is one of the most spectacular natural beauties of Spokane. There are many vantage points of the falls but perhaps the best view is from the Spokane Falls SkyRide Gondola. The falls are most impressive during the late winter and spring when the spring run-off is in effect. With all the recent warm weather it should be pretty spectacular right now.
  5. The Campbell House: This uniquely styled turn of the century house has been preserved to show life in the early 1900s.
  6. Latah Creek Bridges: The parallel positioning of these two bridges gives an excellent perspective for bridge and train photographs. On the left, the High Bridge, or the Latah Creek Railroad Bridge; and on the right, the 6th Ave. Bridge, a historic concrete arch style. They are both located in High Bridge Park.
  7. Downtown Spokane: Many of Spokane’s historic buildings have been preserved and restored. Walking tours of Spokane take you past some of the more impressive buildings such as the Peyton building, Davenport Hotel, Old National building and many more.
  8. St. John Cathedral: This old-world style cathedral will make you feel like you are in Europe. The architecture great to photograph. Take a look at these images on flickr.
  9. Spokane County Courthouse: A castle in the middle of Spokane? Yes, indeed. The historic courthouse looks like a replica of 16th century French chateau right down to its towers, turrets, sculptures, and intricate iron and brickwork.
  10. Dishman Hills Conservatory: Over 500 acres of rocky hills, ponds, meadows, aspen groves and much more. The Dishman Hills were purchased and donated by the Dishman Hills Conservatory to protect the hills from development.


The SHOP: I love little coffee shop/restaurants like this and search them out anytime I visit a new city. The Shop is at 9th and Perry in the Perry District. One of the reviews said that they had the best cinnamon roll they had ever tasted and I think that alone is a good enough reason to visit any restaurant. They also have live music occasionally and on Saturdays, during the summer, they show a free movie in the parking lot.

Do you know of great places to photograph in Spokane that we didn’t mention? We’d love to hear from you. Please leave your suggestions in the comments below.

If you do photograph in Spokane, show us your favorites! Post them on our Facebook page, so we can check them out. Make sure to tag the images with “Spokane.”

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Dave Lennstrom

#1. It is Manito Park. And actually it was established in 1886, long before the Olmstead brothers came to Spokane and helped design the other city parks. Their only recommendation concerning Manito Park was to purchase an adjacent property. It was never done.

More information: http://www.thefriendsofmanito.org (there is a broken link in your page)

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