RMSP featured in The Missoulian. Twice.

Sometimes there’s nothing better than waking up and enjoying your morning coffee while reading the paper – whether online or the good ‘ol fashioned way. Yesterday was one of those days for all of at RMSP, and truly, for anyone ever connected to our school.

Missoula’s local newspaper, The Missoulian ran a pair of excellent articles about us. One was centered around our Glacier National Park workshop with Tim Cooper. The other about our 25 years in the business of photography education. Owners and founders of RMSP Neil and Jeanne Chaput de Saintonge were even featured on the cover of Sunday’s paper.

While this is a nice feather in our caps, the credit does not go to us, rather it needs to be shared with every single person who has trusted RMSP with their photography education over the last quarter century. Without you, our excited students to teach, we would just have rooms instead of classrooms.

We sincerely appreciate every single one of you for helping to make RMSP what it is today.

Thank you.


chaput cover